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At Dr. Paint, we believe that the dedication, care, and time we put into each paint job sets us apart from the competition. And in the world of painting, the process is what counts. That’s why we’ve fine-tuned our processes over the years to become true painting pros!

Even though we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach for any home or business, certain things do need to happen during each painting project. Find out more about our process for painting your home or business below.

Our Interior Painting Process

Steps for Painting a Home or Business’s Interior

Want to know more about our interior painting process? Here’s a step-by-step peek into our process for painting your home or business’s interior:

  1. We begin by reviewing the painting plan, colors, and other important details with you to ensure we understand what needs to be completed.
  2. We prepare the room by…
    • Removing items on the walls
    • Covering up furniture
    • Putting down Trimarco brown paper or interior drop cloths
    • Covering ceiling fans and removing vent covers
    • Removing switch and outlet covers
  3. If there are any holes, cracks, or scratches in your drywall, we patch them and prepare the drywall for a fresh coat of paint.
  4. It’s time to begin painting! Our process for painting your home or business starts “top to bottom,” so we paint the ceilings first, followed by the walls. In order to ensure a smooth and even coat, we initially paint the top of the wall with brushes, then use 9 or 18-inch rollers to apply paint all the way down to the top of the baseboards.
  5. Once the walls and ceiling are complete, we paint the baseboards with brushes.
  6. As soon as the paint is dry, the cleanup process begins. We put back all items that were removed from the walls, reinstall switch plates and outlet covers, and take away the drop cloths and protective paper. Finally, we put all the furniture back in its original position.
  7. To ensure you’re completely satisfied with our process for painting your home or business, we’ll take you through a final walkthrough and look for any missed spots or areas that need to be addressed.
  8. After the walkthrough is complete and you’re totally satisfied with our work, we’ll give you a short form to fill out with a few questions about your experience with Dr. Paint.
  9. That’s it! You can now enjoy your newly painted interior walls.

Our Exterior Painting Process

If you don’t need interior painting, you might still benefit from an exterior repaint! Here’s how we approach exterior painting jobs:

Steps for Painting a Home or Business’s Exterior

  1. Much like our process for painting your home or commercial building’s interior, the exterior painting process begins with an initial review. During this review, we’ll walk around the property and confirm the colors and areas we are painting.
  2. Before painting or preparing anything else, we give your exterior walls, soffits, foundation, and everything else a high-quality power washing.
  3. It’s time to begin preparation. This process involves several steps:
    • Sealing all cracks with a masonry patch compound
    • Using masking tape and plastic to protect exterior windows and glass doors
    • Caulking around window and door frames as necessary
    • Covering exterior lamps, security cameras, and other attached features with paper and tape
    • Covering garden plants to prevent overspray
    • Trenching around the building to ensure paint can cover the foundation
  4. We’re ready to paint! We begin our process for painting your home or commercial building’s exterior by spraying a chalk primer and sealer.
  5. Then, we use specialized spray paint for the soffits, facia, and gutters. Once these are complete, we move to the body of the building, using both spray application and paint rolling to ensure full coverage.
  6. As soon as the body is complete, we paint the trim using rollers and brushes, then spray or roll the doors, ensuring we remove weatherstripping and hardware such as deadbolts and door knobs for complete coverage. If we’re painting a garage door, we always cover any exposed windows and put down protective paper or drop cloths to protect your driveway.
  7. The paint will need several hours to dry. Once the drying process is complete, we’ll check for any areas that need touch-ups, then restore everything to its original position and remove any paper, plastic, and painter’s tape.
  8. It’s time for a final walkthrough with you to ensure the job has been completed to your liking. If you need any additional touch-ups or we’ve missed anything, now’s your chance to have us make it right.
  9. Once you’re completely satisfied with your new paint job, we’ll give you a short survey to fill out about your experiences with Dr. Paint.
  10. The project is finished! Your beautiful new exterior paint job is sure to become the talk of the town.

Decks and Driveways

  1. Just like all of our other processes, our deck and driveway painting work begins when we meet with you to make sure we follow your exact specifications for color and area.
  2. We surface clean the entire deck or driveway with a power washer, then seal off any cracks with concrete base caulking.
  3. We use rollers to apply a specialized concrete stain onto the deck or driveway, ensuring complete coverage.
  4. Once the curing process has been completed (this can take a few days), we’ll ask you to inspect the area and make sure everything looks perfect. If something needs attention, we’ll take care of it ASAP.
  5. We’re finished with the job! It’s time to take a quick survey about your experience.
  6. You’re free to admire your newly coated deck or driveway to your heart’s content!

Personalized Painting Solutions You’ll Love

As experts in both residential painting and commercial painting, we know that every job needs a personal touch. That’s why our personalized painting solutions involve planning around YOUR individual needs and desires. We never cut corners or make assumptions. After all, you know what’s best for your space! If any of these steps need modification or adjustment based on something you’re planning or thinking about, let us know right away so we can change things up for you.

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